Beginners Template Strategy for Boom Beach

Today will be something special. It is going to be the hot topic of mobile gaming and how a game made impact with its gameplay to the gaming arena. This game is none other than SuperCell’s Boom Beach. Yes, you heard it right. If you haven’t heard such game, please take some time to read this article and you will be delighted after, that is for sure.

Boom Beach is basically having a beach that acts as your base, and you have to defend it and in return you also have to attack and gather up resources, and rise up in ranking. As mentioned earlier, you need resources because it is the requirements to your building, troop training, upgrades etc. Resources come in the form of gold, wood, iron, diamonds and so on. Diamonds by the way is a premium currency, meaning, it needs real money to get one but don’t you worry because you can also get free diamonds by attacking bases, and gathering up resources. It spawns randomly, although not much.

The layout of the game is quite familiar especially to those who already have been playing Clash of Clans. Just for everyone to know, both of those games were created and developed by the company SuperCell, so it is a no brainer to have such similarities in the game.

Mentioned above is that you need to attack and defend. If you check in your map, you will see that your base is a small part an archipelago. There are lots of islands surrounding it and those are islands that need to be conquered if you want to gain more resources at the same go up in ranking. Basically, when you attack an island and take control of it, you will automatically getting resources in a regular basis as part of its production. Island resources are random, it may come in gold, in wood, or in iron. It is also wise to give the islands you have conquered aside from your main base the defense structures that are needed to give attackers a hard time defeating and taking control of it.

Exploring, by the way, need some resources in the first place. You need to have a radar built, and depending on its level, it will give the user a corresponding reach to the map it can detect. Additionally, you have to pay for the part you want to get a glimpse of. Therefore, it is better to spend your resources as efficiently as possible especially when you are starting the game. One false move can stunt your progress considerably.

The very basic strategy for this Boom Beach game that has worked for every base building game in the past is not to upgrade the Headquarters unless everything has been maxed out for that particular level. The reason behind such is to give your base the best shot to defend itself from higher level enemies once you upgrade your HQ. Upgrading it too fast without minding anything may put your base into jeopardy and will give you a hard time depending enemies that will pose as too strong for your structures.

Now that you know the basics of Boom Beach, it would be best to study here the advanced strategies to the game and apply it to your advantage. Good luck everyone!

Banshee vs the Fastest Car on GTA Online – The Winner?

If one is looking for a complete game where cars are put into an emphasis together with everything that is found in an action RPG that is got to be none other Grand Theft Auto V. The game was released last year but with the recent revamps and updates especially the release of the game to the new platforms, the next gen consoles namely Xbox One and PlayStation 4, things have gotten really even fun and exciting than it ever was. Next gen console graphics if far more better than the ones found on the relatively old Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 respectively.

It is not however the graphics that is the highlight of the excitement as far as Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online gaming is concern. It is the contents, and one should not miss that one particular content which brings into the game the fastest car and unlimited money using GTA Online hack. This is a good news in the sense that a lot of gamers around the world feast on racing, not to mention the competition that this feature brings into the table.

What is even better is the fact the this new fastest car in the market comes in a very cheap price. Yes, you heard it right. Theoretically speaking the said car is the fastest since it is rated as having the top speed of two hundred of fifty miles per hour (250 mph). The bad news is that even if this car has that said speed, one can not achieve such feat in the game for the mere fact of the absence of a long straight track that can cater its speed to the fullest. Everyone is hoping that Rockstar will be able to read this and make some adjustments to the map so that everyone can be able to drive the car with its fullest potential.

In addition to that given info above, one has to give props and attention to the Banshee especially if you are into drag racing. This is because of the fact that this car handles well with the boosts trick that has been published recently. Among the cars, this Banshee makes overtaking a lot easier with its boosts. As long as you can master the said skill, one is very hard to beat in the racing game even if you are using the fastest car on GTA Online. So is this glitch? Experts can’t really answer that, but hopefully soon Rockstar will release some update or patch on this to give more balance to the game.

That Moment when EA and SimCity Hit the Mobile Market

Gamers today love playing games of different variety. That is why gaming developers make games at almost all genre they can think of. As gamers this will give us the choices and the best thing is that most of them in the mobile industry goes for the freemium marketing strategy which lets players download the game without the need to pay anything. Something that has not been done my the mainstream consoles and PC platform in the past decades of gaming evolution. If you are looking for the best mobile game today then you can get hold of the hottest SimCity BuildIt which enables you to create a City and developing them as you desire and absolutely will give you entertainment.

Before you can only play the video game in New Zealand and Canadian Google Play store, however it is already released worldwide currently. Although there are plenty of mobile games out there which are available for smartphone and tablet. SimCity BuildIt will still counted as one of the sought after video game.  So if you have a thing for SimCity BuildIt then prepare for your phone for building your City and enjoy as your progress.

SimCity Buildit features the style of the previous game, having the usual concept like generating amount of XP in order for player to level up, using premium currency and paywalls. If you have been a follower of SimCity, the game will not let you down because the concepts you have experience in the past and the idea are still there and they have improve the theme and add more features. By the way SimCity BuildIt can be enjoyed in 3D and easy to pinch in your touch screen.

Of course from building the wonderful city, arranging house for your residences, you provide commercial buildings, factories and recreation facilities and more. But first you need to build roads and you provide what are the essential needs of the community such as water, electricity and safety (emergency services). Constructing stuff in this new version varies differently when compared to the original one. With SimCity BuildIt you may tempted to use real money just to keep your City rolling and growing or otherwise you just wait for a proper time for upgrade to finish.


Ideal premium currency are Simcash, as quoted in the website source here, along with Simoleons which are needed in building your City and you need important materials like plastic, steel and woods and so on. These materials can be produced out from your factories and you may store them to your storage facilities. While you want to produce these materials you need to wait because these materials need amount of time to manufacture, nevertheless if you can’t wait you can use Simcash and process them in an instant. Although you are only given a handful coins from the start, it is advisable to use you cash wisely in the game. However, if you are a buyer of this Simcash you can purchase them with real money.

When Music and Game Collides – Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

Water levels, am I right? You’re going along, enjoying your platformer-like substance, and then WHAM. All of a sudden you’re in a dense fluid medium, and physics just don’t work the same way. Friction starts doing weird things. It wasn’t too bad in Super Mario Bros. and the like, but just mention the damn pod section of Earthworm Jim and older gamers start getting PTSD flashbacks. Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians, I should warn you, is nothing but underwater levels. However, rather than just being a strange distortion of a platformer, it is in fact its own beast… some kind of psychedelic action puzzle game with an intense rhythmic leaning. Think of it as some strange hybrid of Toejam & Earl, Harmoknight, Fez, and The Fish Fillets 2, and I can’t believe I’m pulling that out as a reference point but it kind of gets us there.

So as this kinda amorphous blob of rhythmic being, your task is to assist this old dude Clef – who, it should be mentioned, narrates the entire opening sequence while scratching his own vocals – in protecting the music from the evil forces what are trying to lock it up. Because music should be free for everyone, man, and other sayings. Point is, he’s an inept codger so it’s up to you to actually facilitate things by swimming throughout massive stages, advancing from one area to the next by solving puzzles, moving swiftly, and facing the danger all by your lonesome. This being a planet full of rhythm – not unlike the Funkotron we’re all familiar with, just wetter – every element of every section is a musical instrument of some flavor, and these combinations of elements mean that every chunk is its own little riff on the already-excellent baseline track.

Your basic controls include swimming in any direction, boosting your speed, picking up objects, and on occasion using some more specialized commands like searching for hidden elements and firing this funk vehicle’s turret. Yes, sometimes you’re not really puzzling around, you’re just cruising in this spherical craft, which, yes, controls just as shaky as you’re seeing. That’s because it’s moving on the beat, and can accelerate if you time hitting A just right. It breaks up the monotony of the hardcore puzzling a bit, while introducing a new set of challenges. For what is ostensibly a puzzle game, there’s certainly plenty of action, like trying to grab a key and then hit five rebounds to fling you through a distant gate before it closes, or making it through a gauntlet of spike-laden snails while the high-hat crab is in hiding.

There’s so much style and effort put into the craft of Beatbuddy that I kinda just want to shut up and let you watch. Let you see the absolutely gorgeous stages, detailed character animation, and even the distorting effects of taking damage or going into sound-search mode. Combined with a story that’s just crazy enough to be entertaining while still being totally engaging, and plenty of replay value in finding and collecting the hundreds of gems in each stage, not to mention the speedrunning possibilities — it’s a hell of a package. I realize there’s a great depth of PC games you probably need to get around to, but this one belongs at the top of your list. No, honestly. I realize you probably hear that a lot about every game that comes along. But this time it’s true. You absolutely need more strange, blobby, beatboxing NPCs in your life.

Battle Princess of Arcadias – Side Scrolling at its Finest

Sometimes, when you sit down with a game, you have an expectation. The more you play, the more you recognize, the more you know to assume. I looked at Battle Princess of Arcadias, I saw the multi-segmented sprites, I saw the planar combat, I saw the huge boss and I immediately thought, “Oh, this is Nippon-Ichi’s attempt at Odin Sphere, how cute.” And then I played more of it, and wanted to go back in time to slap myself in the head. Fortunately, through the power of editing, I can do just that. It is like the last few generations of Pokémon, there’s novelty in smashing up types or in this case, genres that haven’t really gone together before. Doesn’t matter if it’s Golurk, Inkay, or Mega Sceptile, you put them together just because no one has before and it’s interesting.

In much the same vein, Battle Princess of Arcadias is and I never thought I’d say this– it’s a tactical side-scrolling beat-’em-up. And normally this is where I’d drop the standard Lewis Black “I’ll repeat that” spiel, but honestly I can’t even muster it right now, because I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this thing. Sure, it looks like Odin Sphere on a basic level, but Odin Sphere didn’t have an armed conflict going on behind it that you had to control, did it? That’s this game’s schtick: not only are you leading a band of highly-skilled warriors into battle, but you might also be leading a battalion of other fighters, fighting either directly alongside you or in a background plane.

As the Battle Princess or one of her cohort, you’re not only responsible for staying alive in your own fight, but you also have to issue commands to your legion so as to react to whatever your foes are up to. This expends Morale, which is the closest you’ve got to Army-MP, and which can be bolstered by routing enemy squads or using your player character to slay the designated “leader” enemies they’ll be encountering, with a bonus if said player character uses the same weapon as the fighters they’re leading. So not only do you have to survive, you’ve got to be monitoring the action in the background (or, rather, the gauges at the bottom of the screen), know when to put them on the offensive, when to go on the defensive, and when to switch that squad out for one of the up-to-four others you can bring.

But not every encounter is a massive skirmish like this; sometimes you’re just bringing one team led by a few of the named PCs against a massive boss. On a couple occasions I ran up against armies that significantly outleveled me, requiring a healthy dose of good ol’fashioned grinding. Fortunately, you can go back into old battlefields and try to improve your rank on those fights, yielding bragging rights as well as material spoils. The graphics might not be Vanillaware-tier, but they’ve got a lot of character and are animated quite well, especially in battle. The vocal performance is well-acted and quite extensive; almost every line of dialogue in the game is read aloud though only in Japanese. The soundtrack swings wildly between genres, from classical harpsichords in the city center to thick bass to Guilty-Gear-esque rock when shit gets real. Battle Princess of Arcadias may appear as a novelty at first, but don’t take her – or it – lightly; there’s a whole lot of action here.

Sarcastically Made Barbie Dreamhouse Party – Honest Review

Maybe it’s because I can’t take this seriously, but there’s no way this game could be taken seriously. There’s just no way. Like a bunch of people who had no desire to make this game had to make this game. I mean, the entire thing is, just like, mocking itself. I mean, it’s Barbie Dreamhouse Party for the Nintendo Wii.

The game’s story is about a robot. Barbie and her fashion model friends are all hanging out in her dream house, being even more shallow and materialistic than you’d expect when suddenly, Raquel gets all bitchy. See, they’re playing a video game about super models, and Raquel doesn’t like video games about super models. Funny thing, Raquel, I can sympathize. So she tries to cut the electricity, because obviously, she’s a great and selfless person. But she accidentally puts the house on emergency lock down instead. And that’s when GlaDOS shows up, only it’s not GLaDOS. It’s her less charming cousin, Closet. And Closet tells the girls they have to play minigames to unlock the house.

You think I’m making this up. I’m not making this up. So finally, we cut to the chase. Barbie Dreamhouse Party is a minigame collection, for the Nintendo Wii, released in 2013. Which is kind of like seeing a velociraptor, you know? They’re supposed to be dead, and you should be amazed, but you’re not. Same goes for Barbie Dreamhouse Party.  The game has nine minigames. Each of which can also be played individually with friends, fortunately. Because the story doesn’t last more than an hour or so, and is also exceptionally dumb. Each game takes place in a different area of Barbie’s house, and involves an activity based on that room.

So in the kitchen, you have to make a cupcake tower. In the make-up room, you put on make-up. In the library, you have a dance contest. Because, like, what else do you do in a library? So obviously, there’s a lot to say about the content of this game, and the messages it sends to little girls. Whatever, I don’t have a daughter, so I couldn’t possibly care less. But you know, you see a product like this, and you keep in mind that the scholastic performance of American kids also happens to be plummeting, I’m just saying, it’s easy to start connecting dots. I don’t want to tell you how to raise your kids. All I’m saying is like, take them to a museum. Teach your daughter more about Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Emma Watson. More about those people and maybe a little less about fashion.

As with most lousy minigame collections, the games range from tolerable to lousy. The ones that use the pointer play the best, the ones that don’t tend to be clunky. And with just the nine minigames, there’s obviously not much to the game plus the presentation is as terrible as you’d expect from a Wii minigame collection in 2013. It’s nine crap minigames wrapped up in a crap package with crap values for little girls. Crap all over the place. But it’s also kind of interesting in that I feel like the whole thing was done sarcastically.