Beginners Template Strategy for Boom Beach

Today will be something special. It is going to be the hot topic of mobile gaming and how a game made impact with its gameplay to the gaming arena. This game is none other than SuperCell’s Boom Beach. Yes, you heard it right. If you haven’t heard such game, please take some time to read […]

Banshee vs the Fastest Car on GTA Online – The Winner?

If one is looking for a complete game where cars are put into an emphasis together with everything that is found in an action RPG that is got to be none other Grand Theft Auto V. The game was released last year but with the recent revamps and updates especially the release of the game […]

That Moment when EA and SimCity Hit the Mobile Market

Gamers today love playing games of different variety. That is why gaming developers make games at almost all genre they can think of. As gamers this will give us the choices and the best thing is that most of them in the mobile industry goes for the freemium marketing strategy which lets players download the […]

When Music and Game Collides – Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

Water levels, am I right? You’re going along, enjoying your platformer-like substance, and then WHAM. All of a sudden you’re in a dense fluid medium, and physics just don’t work the same way. Friction starts doing weird things. It wasn’t too bad in Super Mario Bros. and the like, but just mention the damn pod […]

Battle Princess of Arcadias – Side Scrolling at its Finest

Sometimes, when you sit down with a game, you have an expectation. The more you play, the more you recognize, the more you know to assume. I looked at Battle Princess of Arcadias, I saw the multi-segmented sprites, I saw the planar combat, I saw the huge boss and I immediately thought, “Oh, this is […]

Sarcastically Made Barbie Dreamhouse Party – Honest Review

Maybe it’s because I can’t take this seriously, but there’s no way this game could be taken seriously. There’s just no way. Like a bunch of people who had no desire to make this game had to make this game. I mean, the entire thing is, just like, mocking itself. I mean, it’s Barbie Dreamhouse […]